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Setting SRSD – Romanian Dental Sciences

Ladies and Gentlemen,

The Romanian Dental Science Association was registred in 2013 in order to actively contribute to the positive development of dental science in Romania. As some of you already know, I come from a family that, for generations, has dedicated their life and academic concerns ofor the benefit of dental development. I now feel it is our duty to engage more actively and effectively for the same purpose, but also to take into account the  realities of domestic and international challenges of the world in which we live in.

For this purpose, we operate and develop these activities with the help of the Romanian dental Science  Association.


Organizing courses and congresses

SRSD members will have access to national and international courses and congresses of medical education,  disseminating the latest scientific foundation concepts and ideas. Priority is given to practical courses and hands-on workshops.

Creating a dynamic community

SRSD will develop a forum type platform on the site,  accessible to SRSD members, in order to facilitate multidisciplinary communication between specialists.

Providing added value to members SRSD

The professional development of  SRSD members will need support from  the other members in our society. We intend to give SRSD members access to support services, such as law,  economics, management and marketing, acces to funds and personal development.

National and International Collaboration

SRSD will facilitate and develop dialogue with other associations, academic societies, higher educational institutions, government agencies and national and international non-governmental organizations aimed at developing and improving the dental health of the population.

Informing patients

SRSD will help provide  correct information to patients and the general  public about dentistry and oral health.

These are the major directions that we aim to achieve towards our main goal: the development of dental sciences, and public health in Romania.

Last but not least, this way I address an invitation to join the SRSD and help achieve our common goals.


Prof. Dr. Emanuel Bratu