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W We take pride in our success, the patient’s happiness and satisfaction that can be asserted by the endodontic quality treatments performed by real professionals who do their work using the latest technology in the field. Endodontic treatments involve removing the infected tissue from the radicular canals and filling them with special materials that ensure the complete sealing to prevent reinfection. In our clinic endodontic interventions are perfomed using cutting-edge equipment and materials: endodontic microscope, apex locator (root canal precise measurement device), rotational system for widening the tooth canals, dental DIGA (isolates the tooth to be treated from the saliva in the mouth so as to prevent access and contamination during surgery), digital radiology, etc.. With the help of the latest instruments we can provide a sharp widening of tooth canals and thus a superior cleaning and perfect sealing of the root canal. The tooth canal’s length are now measured electronically by specially designed top of the line equiment.

The most important and cutting-edge equipment of our arsenal is the endodontic microscope. This ensures we can perform the most distinctive maneuvers required in complex endodontic procedures.

  • identification and removal of broken needles left inside root canals
  • detecting root canal fractures
  • identifing additional root canals (specific to certain individuals)
  • easy and precise identification of the channel openings
  • identification and treatment of calcified canals
  • incorrect root canal restoration treatments
  • the identification and sealing of root canal perforations

Duration of treatment

  • varies depending on the complexity of the treatment
  • depends on the previous state of the canal nerves (inflammation, infection)

Usually, the root canal treatments are completed in the same session (approximately 2 hours). But there are situations where the full completion is done only after 2-3 sessions. Root canal treatments involve also €‹dental cat scans. Our radiology equipment (digital radiography) has no connection with the unfounded fears of patients for radiation and other urban myths. The dose of radiation received at the end of an endodontic dental cat scan is less than the solar radiation we are receiving in one day. Most of the times a tooth requiring endodontic treatment, has a compromised crown. Thus, in the same session, after completing the root canal cleaning procedure, the tooth consolidation is done by adding a tooth pivot arm out of fiberglass or titanium and the restoration of the tooth with specific top of the line materials. The next step is the strengthening and aesthetics of the tooth which is restored by using metal-ceramic or all ceramic crowns. We are most concerned about the patient’s comfort during the whole process of the treatment, the lack of side effects by ensuring the tooth’s perfect sealing and offering a longer life expectancy.

Contrary to preconceived ideas, the root canal treatment does not hurt, everything is performed under anesthesia and microscopic control. In our clinic, we track and monitor the entire evolution of the cases on a long-term, because the long lasting patient’s comfort is our main goal.


The most common reason that patients are afraid of the dentist, the famous root canal treatment, causing many nights of pain and treatment failures which can result in painful extractions, represents for us a true art. endodontie