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D Dental prosthetics is one of the braches of dentistry that deals with diagnosis, treatment planning, rehabilitation and maintenance of oral functions, the comfort and appearance as well as the health of patients with missing teeth. Dental prosthetics has three branches: fixed dental prosthetics, mobile dental prosthetics and maxillo-facial prosthetics surgery. In dental prosthetics, dental implants and prosthetic implants are taking up a special place. Fixed dental prosthetics – fixed dental restorations are divided into: inlay, crowns and bridges.

Inlay (inlay / onlay) incrustations are those restorations recommended if a tooth is affected by massive cavities and a filling (root cleaning) cannot be executed properly. Incrustations are precision inlay restorations that can be made from dental gold, composites or ceramics. The higher cost reflects in the precision restoration, protecting the tooth from masticatory forces, and by restoring the correct contours which facilitates a good oral hygiene.

Dental Crowns are those prosthetic parts recomended when the tooth destruction is severe and the tooth backbone  being also affected. Dental crowns are major prosthetic parts, which can be used for long amount of time in the oral cavity and can be made out of ceramic deposits on a metalic substrate (skeleton) or can be manufactured exclusively out of metallic or ceramic materials (pressed or by zirconium substrate).Bridges are those restorations indicated for when one or more teeth are missing. They restore chewing function, preventing the migration and the tilt of the remaining teeth from the oral cavity.Mobile dental prosthetics  are those restorations that replace more then one missing teeth (called partial denture) or all missing teeth on one jaw (traditional full dentures). These restorations are simply foreign objects in the oral cavity, therefore they require constant adjustment.

Dental Prosthetics


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