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6-Month Modular Oral Implantology Programme

  • Propedeutics in Implantology – Dental Anatomy for Implantology , Implant systems / insertion techniques. Hands on plastic and pig jaws
  • Incisions and sutures in oral Implantology. Hands on pig jaws
  • Soft tissue manipulation techniques – Guided Tissue Regeneration. Patient general condition assessment and radiological investigations. Hands on pig jaws
  • Bone augmentation techniques – Guided Bone Reconstruction. Hands on plastic models and pig jaws
  • Impression techniques in Implantology. Hands on plastic models
  • Implant supported removable and fixed prosthetic restorations. Model demonstration
  • Management of incidents and complications in oral Implantology. Documenting cases

The course contains Power Point presentations and live surgeries as well as videos. The participants will insert 4 implants in patients, if time allows do the uncovery of implants and place the restorations. After finishing this course the participants will be able to solve simple to medium difficulty implant cases.

Modular Oral Implantology Programme

Modular Oral Implantology Programme

The lectures will be held at Dental Experts Clinic headquarters in Timisoara, 300208, 16 Memorandului Street.

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