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TToday’s dental medicine is no longer concerning only the treatment of oral pain and cavity restorations. Today a visit to the dental clinic no longer requires the presence of pain and so it opens the door to the aesthetic beauty. Dental aesthetics, a major part in our current lives, was until 20-30 years ago physically nonexistent in dental medicine. Fortunately, today’s complete ceramic restaurations (without metal components), facets and crowns can restore and/or improve the patient’s smile. In the last 10 years the dental facets, the least invasive method for restoring a tooth, that can remain “alive” after treatment, started to be used on a large scale in dentistry. Dental aesthetics is an art form that can improve and restore the health and beauty of the smile after the final treatment.

The smile aesthetics involves casual maneuvers like for example the insertion of dental jewels or teeth whitening but can also involve complex works that include many procedures from the common ceramic facets to complex orthodontic treatments, implantology, paradontal surgery or gingival plastic surgery.


Aesthetic Smile